Group Life Admin

Job description
This Job Description is not exhaustive and may be amended from time to time according to business needs.
1. Accountability
1.1 The Claims Handler is accountable to their line manager and the Managing Director.
2. Description
2.1. The Claims Handler is responsible for
 Assisting in the processing of Group Life death in service claims
 Assisting with providing administrative support across the business
 Assisting with the organisation of facilities within the office
2.2. These responsibilities should be executed in the context of our Strategic Objective and in a manner consistent with our Values.
3. Key functions
3.1. To assist in the processing of Group Death in Service claims for a number of clients.
This includes:
 Efficiently processing the team’s high volume of ongoing claims
 Sensitively carrying out in-depth investigations into each case in order to determine potential beneficiaries
 Using excellent communication skills and sensitivity when dealing with complex cases and challenging conversations, often involving bereaved relatives
 Ensuring agreed client service levels for claims processing are maintained
 Managing trust bank accounts and claims payment processing
 Recording and maintaining accurate information for all cases
 Billing on completion of each claim
 Ensuring appropriate MI reporting is provided to clients in accordance with their agreed requirements
3.2. To assist with the organisation of the facilities and administrative functions within the office.
This includes:
 Dealing with the post
 Scanning documents into the filing system
 Ensuring the equipment and systems provided are adequate and operational
 Providing administrative support to the wider team as required
3.3. To push those more senior to delegate work to you
3.4. To look for ways we can improve our processes and gain efficiencies
3.5. To look for other ways we can help our clients and improve what we do in their eyes
3.6. To be aware of the need for and to participate in the process of new ideas for services and markets
3.7. To ensure that all chargeable time is recorded in a timely way and, where appropriate, billed
3.8. To be mindful of the firm’s budgets and to assist us to operate within them
3.9. To be mindful of risks to our business and the firm and to help mitigate those risks
3.10. To be mindful of the firm’s strategy, to be supportive of and to work in a manner consistent with it
3.11. To ensure that your work, whether client work or internal work is compliant with Zedra policies and procedures
4. Key skills and attributes
4.1. Personable, pragmatic and professional
4.2. A strong, confident person with strong values and a collaborative approach
4.3. An enthusiastic person keen to go the extra mile or clients and colleagues
4.4. Pro-active, keen to learn and to take on responsibility
4.5. Outstanding communication skills
4.6. Excellent administrative, organisational and MS Office skills
4.7. A commitment to delivering good service
4.8. Creative, innovative and open minded
4.9. Able to provide constructive challenge to those around you
5. Success criteria
5.1. To provide efficient support to the Group Life claims handling team.
5.2. To provide support to the management and development of a profitable and compliant business

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